Pad, an online note-taking app

I like writing and I mainly do it in private. Just in the month of July I’ve created 83 “notes” in my Evernote account, which I use in a lot of different contexts. I note-take in meetings at work, I write Dear Diary-style personal entries, and throw notable educational videos (the note here was “always get the bigger pizza?”). Evernote has basically been my life’s junk drawer.

There’s two main things Evernote does well: It syncs all my content to *~the cloud~* so I can access it at work, home and the in-between, and it works while I’m in the subway, syncing when I have service again.

This has been a lovely relationship with an app until Evernote decided to change their subscription model, limiting users that don’t pay (including yours truly) to use on two devices. 😑

I will leave the Evernote for Pad, an in-browser note editor I made earlier this week. It is a work in progress (you can’t even delete a “note” yet!), but it is marginally usable now. Try it out, but don’t count on it until I release version 1.0.

Pad is free now and will always be free for any use. It’s free as in free software available on Github, as well as free as in you don’t owe me anything.

I’m going to steal two things from Evernote, their best features: syncing to the cloud and offline use.

Currently data is stored in your web browser, indefinitely, unless you clear your “Local Storage.” I will never get access to your data since it is “local.” There’s no remote server that Pad relies on for saving your data. We can try to save data to arbitrary data stores (e.g. Amazon S3 or in your Github Gists). If your data is in a private place in *~the cloud~* then you could use Pad on any of your devices 😎

Pad could work offline too, through the magic of which Progressive Web Apps.